About Us

APPlist is a one-stop platform that helps you find & connect with Apps, Pages and People; creating immersive experiences to everyone while bringing the world together.

With 3 Steps, easy-find, You can browse Apps, Pages & People within a specific country of choice, and what enhances the user journey is browsing a huge online directory through main categories, sub-categories and tags; while optimizing & linking all of the listings around the world through Linked Listings & Mirrored Listings.

The advanced smart search engine allows you to reach the end results with two steps only.

APPlist is your solution

While search engines may provide a big number of results, these results may include unofficial apps, spams, discontinued apps, businesses, foundations, organizations, brands, or closed people accounts; And there’s no time to test all of these results.

APPlist is for everyone

APPlist’s mission is to empower people & groups to build brands, promote people & communities; and bring the world closer together.

It could be for who’s searching for Apps of the cinemas in a specific country, or for a tourist who would like to know all the Apps related to entertainment in the country such as opera, theme parks..etc; or for a businessman who wants to find all the Apps of the banks, or governmental authorities, or real estate developers, or finding interesting People in a specific country and following them and their latest news.

Connect you with Apps, People and organizations:

APPlist helps you find and interact with relevant people, groups, businesses, organizations and many others to your interest. We use the data we need to make recommendations for you and others–e.g. Pages to follow or Feeds.

We totally believe that our services are far more effective when people are connected to individuals, pages (Businesses, organizations, authorities…etc.) and Apps that they are particularly interested in.

Personalized, immersive and reliable experience:

We make your experience in APPlist different from anyone else: from the Apps, Pages, People and other content you see in the feeds of Apps/Pages/People and other features you could use such as the searches you make. APPlist allows you to find and connect to apps, communicate with individuals, groups, companies, organizations and others that are valuable to you. It's designed so that your experience is immersive, consistent and fully transparent.

Speak yourself, your brand, or your organization and communicate about your interests:

There are many ways of expressing your App/Page or yourself as People profile on APPlist and to interact with other Applisters–e.g. share news and updates via feeds, comment and respond to comments on reviews, interact with followers, or add content to your APPlist profile.

Reach content, features and services that are of interest to you:

We may show you ads, listings and other sponsored content to help you discover content, products and services offered by people, companies or organizations using APPlist.

Our partners pay us to show their material to you and we design our services to help ensure that the sponsored content you see is as relevant and interesting as everything else you see on APPlist. The ads are considered a part of your personalized experience on APPlist and they could be an App/Page/People profiles or features they have.

Advanced technology to provide everyone with safe and functional services:

APPlist uses and develops advanced technologies continuously; so that APPlisters can safely use our services irrespective of physical ability or geo-location. And we cultivate systems to enhance our ability to detect and eliminate any abusive or dangerous activity that could cause damage to our community and the moral integrity, transparency and honesty of our services.

Continuous improvements to our services:

We conduct research and work to enhance our services. One way we do this is to analyze the data we gather, so we can understand how everyone on APPlist uses our services.

We are always pleased with your feedback and other suggestions to our services.